Agrochemical additives

                                            Nekal BX

                                            Nekal BX


                                            CAS No.: 25638-17-9

                                            Chemical ingredients: Butylnaphthalenesulfonate sodium

                                            Quality index:

                                            Appearance Moisture Ph value
                                            Penetration force Fe Fineness Water solubility Ionicity
                                            off-white powder
                                            100±2% of standard
                                            (residue on 360um sieve)≤5.0%
                                            Soluble in water easily


                                            Widely used in the procedures of textile dyeing and printing, mainly used as infiltration and wetting agent, and emulsifier and softener of rubber industry, and wetting agent of papermaking industry and color lakes industry.

                                            Packaging and Storage: 40kg or 50kg Paper-wood barrel. Stored at room temperature in dark place, Storage period is one year.

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